I’m Cristina Balea. I Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Dreams.

Hi, my name is Cristina

What is your name?

I know this is supposed to be a formal description but being an About me section, I want to let people know the way I am and the way I think.

Sometimes when you think too much to write something it is possible that it won’t be delivered properly. And not because of how the message is written but because of how the message is perceived by the reader.

This is the reason that in this section, all about me section I will just let my inner voice be converted into text and let my reader connect with me as a person.

You know, People connect with people and this is my starting guidance whenever I create something

My approach is different and I just love to break patterns.

To be unique and one of a kind

And someone once asked me. What are you doing, do you want to reinvent the wheel?

My answer. YES!

I will go for it. And make it better. Not because I am confident in my talents but because I know Different make you stand out from the crowd!


My goal is to help people reach their success.

I live for innovation and creation and probably you could tell by now, I am coming from an artistic background, And that is true I studied Graphic Design at the University of Art and Design but I also studied Management and Marketing at Business University, 

At age 22 I had my first Business, a Beauty Salon  (of course a beauty salon. I am a woman, what would be more appropriate) I started with one and grew at a branch of several salons in a time of 2 years.

That was just my start to understand the world of Entrepreneurship.

Followed then by Engineering, Drilling, Construction Companies, Real Estate Business, Software Development, Building brands in Fashion, Beauty Interior Design, Advertisement, IT, and financial industries.

10 years of business experience made me understand what it means to be a Lider, A Partner, and A Hardworker.

I learned to be Organized, Methodological, Strategic Thinking, Open-Minded, and Creative.

I learned from my mistakes, I failed many times and I am glad I did. I embraced every failure with excitement and understanding.

Failure is Challenge, Knowledge, and Improvement

I am proud of my achievements and now my goal is to help others.

Why do you need me? 

Driven by ambition and positive vibrations, my focus is on you, to deliver and create the best ideas for you that would be engaging and ingenious, maximizing your results and making your business stand out. My experience and my knowledge is widespread in many industries.

I can help you expand or improve your actual business or project.

I can help you create a business idea and develop it into a  successful realization

I can help you make strategies for your business, project or any other purposes

I can help you create a Brand, a store, an online business, or find the right product on the market for your E-comm business.

I can help you promote, sell or get more leads.

I can help you advertise your business and market it to another level

I can help you create an innovative brand concept and unique graphic designs and unique websites with motion graphics and video graphics

I can represent your brand, manage your Brand, or your Business or Project.

I can create management plans, branding plans, advertisement plans, administrative plans, Strategy Plans to get more sales, or any other plans for your business.

I can be your mentor and guide you step by step in your own journey to become an entrepreneur.

I can help you accomplish your financial freedom.


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You can be anything,You can do anything!